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Scott's journey as an artist began as a way to cope with the difficulties of life. His early works were abstract and experimental, influenced by artists like Gerhard Richter. Through his self-taught journey, he discovered inspiration in artists like Ai Weiwei and Michelle Keck, who encouraged him to follow his intuition and use his observations of the world to guide his brush.

Today, Scott's art is a reflection of his unique perspective on American pride, power, and sorrow, expressed through patriotic iconography. His bold, colorful statement pieces capture the essence of contemporary American culture, invoking emotion and thought in the viewer.

Working in his studio for hours, sometimes days at a time, Scott pours his heart and soul into each painting. He values the creative freedom that art provides, and through this process has found emotional freedom as well. His work is not just meant to exist, but to move its viewers, to bring them into his world and leave a lasting impression.

With each stroke of his brush, Scott reveals a part of himself that was once hidden. His art is a powerful expression of his personal journey, and an invitation for others to join him on this creative and emotional path.

Several of Scott’s pieces have been displayed at sold at Conrad West Galleries in Las Vegas, NV.

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"I only told Scott I wanted a very colorful Jesus and this is piece is everything I could have hoped for!"

Toni Atteberry

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